Endrika Hinton, Gynecologist

Endrika reports that the iMask+ Face Shield is so much better
than the other things she has tried because:

1. The plane of the shield is straight - so when she has to move
from examining the patient to looking at her computer screen
and then back there is no distortion.
2. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver in.
3. Her clients don’t think she looks like some kind of insect.
4. The peripheral vision is a lot better.


Endrika Hinton

Lucy Sawrie, General Dentist

Lucy Sawrie created this video, explaining how the iMask+ Face Shield works so well for medical specialists. No fogging, no distortion, fully sterilizable, a lightweight, flat plane so that you can look to and fro from the patient to your screens.


"Dr Nacho interviews Richard Millman on durable and replaceable face shields"

Shaun Moxham, Professional squash coach

This photo shows Shaun training one of his pupils, both wearing the i-Mask+ Face Shield.

His wife Katline Cauwels, former professional squash player, said: "I never wore eyewear when I was on the tour and here in the USA we have used the regular sunglass style of goggles - but I think I might use these even after the pandemic - they are so much more comfortable and don’t interfere with your vision at all - and they protect your whole face."

IMG_0458 (1)

Claudia Nemphos

Claudia created this video, explaining how the iMask+ Face Shield is great for everyday use. She comments on how she can fit her sunglasses underneath, it’s comfortable, easy to wear, and provides a level of security and protection.

She says she “can’t recommend it enough”.


George Nemphos, Nemphos Braue LLC

Our co-founder and managing partner, George Nemphos, delivered two boxes of PPE with iMask+ Face Shields to the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center.

From George: “We’re working to do our part to support healthcare workers during the COVID19 pandemic. Special thanks to Richard Millman and his team at I-Mask USA for their assistance and all that they’re doing to help our medical institutions and frontline heroes.”


George Nemphos

Chris Freck, Mortgage Broker

Chris says: "Thank you for getting us the two iMask+ Face Shields. My office staff is very pleased with the look, feel, visibility, and wearability."

Chris Freck Staff

Dr Katy Bednar, Orthodontist

Doctor Bednar says: "Thank you, so happy to have something solid and not the “flimsy” one."


John Musto interview for Manhattan Community Squash

John Musto interviewed Richard Millman about the iMask+ Face Shield, explaining how the Face Shield was developed. Richard shows the difference between the original iMask and the new iMask+ Face Shield.

The shield is being produced in Georgia, USA, is reusable, and robust. The goal is first to help the frontline workers, but then to focus on having this be available to squash players.